Gilles Crampes is a photographer specialised in in-depth sociological and ethnological reports. He has alternated international reporting, assignments and personal projects since 1994. His reports have been published in international press releases: Newsweek, National Geographic France, Géo, The Independent, Le Monde, Grands Reportages etc.

Following on from his international reporting where he illustrated Paris in the most curious ways- a 7 year work dedicated to Pigalle, Paris seen from the heights of historical buildings…-, Gilles Crampes is currently concentrating on the different peoples living in Paris who originally emigrated from all over the world.
His purpose here is to illustrate the cultural richness that has ensued, but also to study the preservation of these exiled cultures in Paris focusing upon their secular, spiritual or religious aspects.

This project is part of a personal work, with great series calling for reflection on the notion of travelling, that he has been developing for more than ten years,

After Transient States -a series addressing consumerism in travels and images-, Waterfront -paying homage to the first great maritime explorers and to the local populations they encountered-, Paris Célébrations is a series offering a travel in reverse where peoples and cultures from all the continents intertwine in Paris, creating a World within a City.
The project grew into a book published by Magellan & Company in November 2016.  In 2021, twenty prints of photographs entered the collection fund and the permanent exhibition of the National Museum of the History of Immigration.


Musée National de l’Histoire de l’Immigration, 2023. Exposition permanente.
Galerie Terrain Vagh, Paris, 2023, 2020.
Val Benoit, Galerie Orpiment (collective exhibition), Liège 2019.
Galerie Terrain-Vagh, Paris, 2019.
Pagode de Vincennes, Espace des Blancs Manteaux, Salons de la photographie Saint-Sulpice, Paris, 2018.
Salon de la photographie, Bordeaux, 2018.
Galerie Kerchache-Pivaty, 2018.
Galerie Comtesses, Lyon, 2017.
Espace des Blancs Manteaux, Paris, 2017.

BHV Marais, Paris, 2017.

Echomusée de la Goutte d’Or, Paris, 2016.

Café social Ayyem Zamen, Paris, 2016.

Théâtre de Ruthebeuf, Clichy, 2013.

Musée du Montparnasse, Paris, 2012.

Bordeaux, quartiers Caudeyran et Grand Parc, 2012.
Pagode de Vincennes, Paris, 2012.
Espace Moisant, rue de Seine, Paris, 2012.

Echomusée de la Goutte d'Or, Paris 2012.

Festival Chroniques Nomades, Honfleur, 2011.

60 ans de Tati, exposition et vente aux enchères, Le 104, Paris, 2008.
Biennale des Agents Associés, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, 2008.
Projection à Visa pour l’Image. Perpignan, 2002.
Projection à Visa pour l’Image. Perpignan, 1999.


- Monographs
Paris célébrations, Magellan & Cie, 2017.

1956-2006 L’énergie au Cœur, GDF.

- Collective books
Special, édition HUMA.
Pierres précieuses et terres d’aventure, édition Hermé.
A la poursuite des pierres précieuses, éditions Privat.