Paris Celebrations

"I have been living in Paris for over forty years. Perusing Gilles Crampes’s splendid book, I was amazed to realize that I didn’t know three-quarters of the places he reveals. You sometimes feel you are in Delhi or Marrakech, in Moscow, Edinburgh, Beijing or Saigon.
Being the core of traditional cultures, religious practices are still actively followed within communities from foreign countries. It is thus through these that one can see the vast number of cultures of the world glittering in my City of Light; a city that is even more cosmopolitan than I ever imagined.
No need to travel the world to attend Candomblé, Hindu, Confucian, Buddhist, Coptic, Orthodox or Voodoo rites: just follow the wonderful guide Gilles Crampes offers and set for adventure in a selection of nooks and corners of Paris."

Frédéric Lenoir
French philosopher, religious historian and author.