Lands escapes

- Photographic sketches of a forgotten cartography -
Dichotomy of words, thoughts, flow, being.
Fifteen years of introspective photography in the Transient States project, currently evolving towards a narrative arrhythmia.
An astonishing revelation about myself and my perception of the world, a new breath of expression.
In a sense of urgency, some sudden eagerness to erase the human from my photographs -or at least to make him go astray- some eagerness to seek a suitable light for landscapes that are not waiting for me; some eagerness to seek calm in a frenzy of activity ... I’ve become an annoyed pilot picking up on the fly, moved as I am, nervously driving by road maps and instinct, hitting the brake before irruptions and slamming the door before the illusion of my quest to freeze time and space.
My blood throbbing in my temples, forcing a pause in my translation and the energy of the elements coming together reveal paintings that express themselves in a glimpse of contemplation.
Standing square in the ground -my legs connected to the earth and my head to the sky- impermanence and fleetingness of life are revealed.
A gust of wind sends me fragrances stolen along the road. It makes the clouds run and the light volatile. It carries sounds and motions to unison with my sudden immobility.
Ephemeral communion.
Brief revelation then ... of interior landscapes.
A meditation in the projection.
Traveling along the country lanes and mountain tracks of France’s distinctly varied regions, the beauty of which I sensed existed, but turned out to far surpass my expectations.  I in fact discovered a dimension beyond my imagination.  The geological history sculpted the earth, climate differences nourished rich and varied vegetation, and the resulting visual splendour created the soul of this country : its renowned  ‘terroirs’.

These ’terroirs’ allow  one  to discover a little known cartography as rich in diversity as in atmosphere.  Names come to mind, known to some, mysterious and dream like to others, sometimes evoking mythical cities or legends, but most often…. landscapes.

Thus the natural territories and traditional regions of France unfold… And for me a journey that will never end.